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Mediação penal e justiça restaurativa (2006)

  • Authors:
  • USP affiliated authors: SICA, LEONARDO - FD
  • USP Schools: FD
  • Language: Português
  • Abstract: The aim of this work in not only to introduce the debate about restorative justice and victim-offender mediation (VOM) In the academic field, but also validate the hypothesis of the adoption of the aforementioned concepts, as a manner of creating a new criminal justice paradigm. The presente dissertation is the follow-up to the research initiated during my master's program, also pursued at this University wich discussion was limited to coping with the dispute concerning sentences, alternatives measures and emergency legislation, gathering a few theoretical traces of what could be done to trigger a substantial turnover in the penal system. The VOM was among the issues mentioned as an innovative criminal alternative. "In the first chapter, I established the premises on wich the redefinition of the criminal justice mission was worked: (i) social integration,(ii) safeguarding freedom and widening democratic spaces, (iii) lessening criminal repression, (iv) surmounting punishment philosophy (v) restoration or maintenance of juridical peace. In addition, the essential notions on restorative justice and VOM were featured. In the second chapter, a few experiences and legal landmarks were selected in order to illustrate the concepts discussed in the first chapter. From the third chapter on, a deeper study on the peculiarities of the VOM in the relation to the legal system, as well as the Brazilian social and institutional contexts was developed. At thispoint, the attempt to find a dogmatic justification to the VOM is highlighted, and two bases are articulated and chosen as foremast to its implementation: to ensure democratic continuity and rebuild the social regulation system. Finally, the legal possibilities of immediate introduction on the VOM in Brazil were identified, a few guidelines to its broader legal regulation were devised, and the dissertation's main conclusions were synopsized
  • Imprenta:
  • Data da defesa: 17.05.2006

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