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Oxidative processes during 'Golden' papaya fruit ripening (2012)

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    Título do periódico: Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology

    ISSN: 1677-0420

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  • Título: Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology

    ISSN: 1677-0420

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      RESENDE, Evellyn Couto Oliveira; MARTINS, Paula Fabiane; AZEVEDO, Ricardo Antunes de; JACOMINO, Angelo Pedro; BRON, Ilana Urbano. Oxidative processes during 'Golden' papaya fruit ripening. Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology, Campos dos Goytacazes, v. 24, n. 2, p. 85-94, 2012. DOI:
    • APA

      Resende, E. C. O., Martins, P. F., Azevedo, R. A. de, Jacomino, A. P., & Bron, I. U. (2012). Oxidative processes during 'Golden' papaya fruit ripening. Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology, 24( 2), 85-94. doi:
    • NLM

      Resende ECO, Martins PF, Azevedo RA de, Jacomino AP, Bron IU. Oxidative processes during 'Golden' papaya fruit ripening. Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology. 2012 ; 24( 2): 85-94.
    • Vancouver

      Resende ECO, Martins PF, Azevedo RA de, Jacomino AP, Bron IU. Oxidative processes during 'Golden' papaya fruit ripening. Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology. 2012 ; 24( 2): 85-94.

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