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On the diurnal cycle of urban aerosols, black carbon and the occurrence of new particle formation events in springtime Sao Paulo, Brazil (2012)

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  • USP affiliated authors: NETTO, PAULO EDUARDO ARTAXO - IF
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  • DOI: 10.5194/acp-12-11733-2012
  • Language: Inglês
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  • Título: Applied Radiation and Isotopes

    ISSN: 0969-8043

    Citescore - 2017: 1.15

    SJR - 2017: 0.528

    SNIP - 2017: 0.973

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    • ABNT

      BACKMAN, J; RIZZO, Luciana Varanda; HAKALA, J; et al. On the diurnal cycle of urban aerosols, black carbon and the occurrence of new particle formation events in springtime Sao Paulo, Brazil. Applied Radiation and Isotopes, Gottingen, Copernicus Gesellschaft MBH, v. 12, n. 23, p. 11733-11751, 2012. DOI: 10.5194/acp-12-11733-2012.
    • APA

      Backman, J., Rizzo, L. V., Hakala, J., Nieminen, T., Manninen, H. E., Morais, F., et al. (2012). On the diurnal cycle of urban aerosols, black carbon and the occurrence of new particle formation events in springtime Sao Paulo, Brazil. Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 12( 23), 11733-11751. doi:10.5194/acp-12-11733-2012
    • NLM

      Backman J, Rizzo LV, Hakala J, Nieminen T, Manninen HE, Morais F, Aalto PP, Siivola E, Carbone S, Hillamo R, Artaxo Netto PE, Virkkula A, Petaja T, Kulmala M. On the diurnal cycle of urban aerosols, black carbon and the occurrence of new particle formation events in springtime Sao Paulo, Brazil. Applied Radiation and Isotopes. 2012 ; 12( 23): 11733-11751.
    • Vancouver

      Backman J, Rizzo LV, Hakala J, Nieminen T, Manninen HE, Morais F, Aalto PP, Siivola E, Carbone S, Hillamo R, Artaxo Netto PE, Virkkula A, Petaja T, Kulmala M. On the diurnal cycle of urban aerosols, black carbon and the occurrence of new particle formation events in springtime Sao Paulo, Brazil. Applied Radiation and Isotopes. 2012 ; 12( 23): 11733-11751.

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