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Biogeography in the air: fungal diversity over land and oceans (2012)

  • Authors:
  • USP affiliated authors: NETTO, PAULO EDUARDO ARTAXO - IF
  • USP Schools: IF
  • DOI: 10.5194/bg-9-1125-2012
  • Language: Inglês
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    • Título do periódico: Biogeosciences
    • Volume/Número/Paginação/Ano: v. 9, n. 3 p. 1125-1136 , 2012
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  • Título: Biogeosciences

    ISSN: 1726-4170

    Citescore - 2017: 3.96

    SJR - 2017: 2.072

    SNIP - 2017: 1.235

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    • ABNT

      FROHLICH-NOWOISKY, J; BURROWS, S M; XIE, Z; et al. Biogeography in the air: fungal diversity over land and oceans. Biogeosciences, Gottingen, Copernicus Gesellschaft MBH, v. 9, n. 3 p. 1125-1136 , 2012. DOI: 10.5194/bg-9-1125-2012.
    • APA

      Frohlich-Nowoisky, J., Burrows, S. M., Xie, Z., Engling, G., Solomon, P. A., Fraser, M. P., et al. (2012). Biogeography in the air: fungal diversity over land and oceans. Biogeosciences, 9( 3 p. 1125-1136 ). doi:10.5194/bg-9-1125-2012
    • NLM

      Frohlich-Nowoisky J, Burrows SM, Xie Z, Engling G, Solomon PA, Fraser MP, Mayol-Bracero OL, Artaxo Netto PE, Begerow D, Conrad R, Andreae MO, Despres VR, Poschl U. Biogeography in the air: fungal diversity over land and oceans. Biogeosciences. 2012 ; 9( 3 p. 1125-1136 ):
    • Vancouver

      Frohlich-Nowoisky J, Burrows SM, Xie Z, Engling G, Solomon PA, Fraser MP, Mayol-Bracero OL, Artaxo Netto PE, Begerow D, Conrad R, Andreae MO, Despres VR, Poschl U. Biogeography in the air: fungal diversity over land and oceans. Biogeosciences. 2012 ; 9( 3 p. 1125-1136 ):

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