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Tomato ethylene mutants exhibit differences in arbuscular mycorrhiza development and levels of plant defense-related transcripts (2013)

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  • USP Schools: ESALQ; ESALQ
  • DOI: DOI 10.1007/s13199-013-0251-1
  • Language: Inglês
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    • Título do periódico: Symbiosis
    • ISSN: 0334-5114
    • Volume/Número/Paginação/Ano: v. 60, n. 3, p. 155-167, 2013
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  • Título: Symbiosis

    ISSN: 0334-5114

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    • ABNT

      FRACETTO, Giselle G. M; PERES, Lázaro Eustáquio Pereira; MEHDY, Mona C; LAMBAIS, Marcio Rodrigues. Tomato ethylene mutants exhibit differences in arbuscular mycorrhiza development and levels of plant defense-related transcripts. Symbiosis, Netherlands, v. 60, n. 3, p. 155-167, 2013. Disponível em: < > DOI: DOI 10.1007/s13199-013-0251-1.
    • APA

      Fracetto, G. G. M., Peres, L. E. P., Mehdy, M. C., & Lambais, M. R. (2013). Tomato ethylene mutants exhibit differences in arbuscular mycorrhiza development and levels of plant defense-related transcripts. Symbiosis, 60( 3), 155-167. doi:DOI 10.1007/s13199-013-0251-1
    • NLM

      Fracetto GGM, Peres LEP, Mehdy MC, Lambais MR. Tomato ethylene mutants exhibit differences in arbuscular mycorrhiza development and levels of plant defense-related transcripts [Internet]. Symbiosis. 2013 ; 60( 3): 155-167.Available from:
    • Vancouver

      Fracetto GGM, Peres LEP, Mehdy MC, Lambais MR. Tomato ethylene mutants exhibit differences in arbuscular mycorrhiza development and levels of plant defense-related transcripts [Internet]. Symbiosis. 2013 ; 60( 3): 155-167.Available from:

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