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Effect of storage and processing of Brazilian flaxseed on lipid and lignan contents (2012)

  • Authors:
  • USP affiliated authors: AREAS, JOSE ALFREDO GOMES - FSP
  • USP Schools: FSP
  • DOI: 10.1590/s0101-20612012005000037
  • Language: Inglês
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  • Título: Food Science and Technology

    ISSN: 0101-2061

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    • ABNT

      SIMBALISTA, Renée Leão; FROTA, Karoline de Macêdo Gonçalves; SOARES, Rosana Aparecida Manólio; AREAS, José Alfredo Gomes. Effect of storage and processing of Brazilian flaxseed on lipid and lignan contents. Ciência e tecnologia de alimentos, Campinas, v. 32, n. 2, p. 374-380, 2012. DOI: 10.1590/s0101-20612012005000037.
    • APA

      Simbalista, R. L., Frota, K. de M. G., Soares, R. A. M., & Areas, J. A. G. (2012). Effect of storage and processing of Brazilian flaxseed on lipid and lignan contents. Ciência e tecnologia de alimentos, 32( 2), 374-380. doi:10.1590/s0101-20612012005000037
    • NLM

      Simbalista RL, Frota K de MG, Soares RAM, Areas JAG. Effect of storage and processing of Brazilian flaxseed on lipid and lignan contents. Ciência e tecnologia de alimentos. 2012 ;32( 2): 374-380.
    • Vancouver

      Simbalista RL, Frota K de MG, Soares RAM, Areas JAG. Effect of storage and processing of Brazilian flaxseed on lipid and lignan contents. Ciência e tecnologia de alimentos. 2012 ;32( 2): 374-380.

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