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Prevention and treatment of mice paw edema by near-infrared low-level laser therapy on lymph nodes (2013)

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  • USP Schools: ICB
  • DOI: 10.1007/s10103-012-1163-7
  • Subjects: FARMACOLOGIA
  • Language: Inglês
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    • ISSN: 1435-604X
    • Volume/Número/Paginação/Ano: v. 28, n. 3, p. 973-980, 2013
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    ISSN: 0268-8921,1435-604X

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  • Título: Lasers in Medical Science

    ISSN: 0268-8921

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    • ABNT

      MENEGUZZO, Daiane Thais; LOPES, Luciana Almeida; PALLOTA, Rodney; et al. Prevention and treatment of mice paw edema by near-infrared low-level laser therapy on lymph nodes. , London, Springer, v. 28, n. 3, p. 973-980, 2013. Disponível em: < > DOI: 10.1007/s10103-012-1163-7.
    • APA

      Meneguzzo, D. T., Lopes, L. A., Pallota, R., Ferreira, L. S., Martins, R. Á. B. L., & Ribeiro, M. S. (2013). Prevention and treatment of mice paw edema by near-infrared low-level laser therapy on lymph nodes, 28( 3), 973-980. doi:10.1007/s10103-012-1163-7
    • NLM

      Meneguzzo DT, Lopes LA, Pallota R, Ferreira LS, Martins RÁBL, Ribeiro MS. Prevention and treatment of mice paw edema by near-infrared low-level laser therapy on lymph nodes [Internet]. 2013 ; 28( 3): 973-980.Available from:
    • Vancouver

      Meneguzzo DT, Lopes LA, Pallota R, Ferreira LS, Martins RÁBL, Ribeiro MS. Prevention and treatment of mice paw edema by near-infrared low-level laser therapy on lymph nodes [Internet]. 2013 ; 28( 3): 973-980.Available from:

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